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Who is SciGenius?

The SciGenius team provides a unique mobile STEAM program to local schools in the community. You don’t have to travel long distances for enriching extracurricular programs or out-of-school activities and children have the chance to learn STEAM concepts in familiar surroundings.

What is STEAM?

“STEAM” takes the standard STEM formula – science, technology, engineering, and math – and adds an A for art. The results of STEAM learning are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, and collaborate throughout the creative process.

Why SciGenius?

Our programs engage students in coding, robotics, digital art, and math with educators who strive to maximize student learning capacity. SciGenius’ dedication to safe environments, committed educators, quality programs, and innovation all add up to the very best in STEAM educational programs.

STEAM Curriculum

Engineering & Robotics

Students learn understanding of engineering concepts through hands on projects to build simple machines, structures and robots. They will learn computer hardware, circuits and electronics by designing and building real products using the latest technologies.


Our students will learn how Science affects us in our everyday life. By taking part in fun, hands on projects, students learn about the incredible world of energy, earth & space, physics, chemistry and biology.

Digital Arts

Students get to explore their creativity by making animations, short films, videos and digital arts. Using the latest tools and technology, students exhibit their work and develop their creative side !

Game Design & Development

Students get to understand the mechanics of game design and the development process by using tools such as GameSalad, Unity3D and Minecraft.

Programming & Development

Students acquire the fundamentals of programming and coding by reviewing real world scenarios such as designing an on-line web store or product database.


Academy of
Christian Education

“We have loved our partnership with SciGenius. The staff are well prepared, creative, kind, and helpful. Students get to experience the exciting aspects of science; We are thankful for SciGenuis and their club/class offerings ”

Keaira Brown Jennings

“I was thrilled to stumble upon the class offerings from SciGenius. I would definitely recommend this program to other families with children who have any interest in science.”

Sana Ghaznavi Khan

“Aftercare to a whole other level!!!!! My daughter LOVES each time she has to stay after with Sci Genius at her school! Can't wait for the Summer program!”